If Your Boat Burns or Sinks is it ALWAYS covered by insurance?

With United Marine Underwriters Boater’s Assistance program+ the answer is Yes Always.++

All boat insurance policies have exclusions which include wording "directly or indirectly". This simple wording "directly or indirectly" is very important, it can cause almost every fire or sinking to be excluded unless your policy includes Consequential Loss Coverage.

Consequential Loss provides coverage to your boat resulting from burning, sinking, or collision even if the cause of loss is excluded.++ This coverage is only offered by a few companies (three that we are aware of) and United Marine Underwriters is proud to offer consequential loss coverage with our Boater's Assistance Program.

If a deteriorated stern-drive boot causes your boat to sink, the exclusion "loss resulting directly or indirectly from wear and tear or gradual deterioration" would apply. If you do not have consequential loss coverage, your entire loss is excluded. You will have to pay out-of-pocket for all damages. Our Boater’s Assistance program would provide coverage for all damage from the sinking.++

The great news is our Boater's Assistance Program is competitively priced. So don't pay the same premium for less coverage. Purchase the very best policy including coverage for Consequential Loss.

Our Boater’s Assistance Program Also Provides:
Lower Electronics Deductible
Non Owned Watercraft Liability
Uninsured Boat Owners
Trip Interruption Coverage
Haul Out in the Event of a Named Storm
Occasional Paid Captain-Crew Included*
Pollution - Fuel Spill Liability
Underinsured Boat Owners**
* full time captain-crew coverage is available
** many companies provide Uninsured but most do not provide Underinsured

+United Marine Underwriters represents several insurance companies. The Boater's Assistance Program is the only one that provides consequential loss and other benefits listed above. The details of the quote will show consequential loss if it applies. Boater's Assistance is available for pleasure boats only; boats used for charter, commercial, rental or other use do not have consequential loss. Personal watercraft (jet skis) do not have consequential loss.

++Consequential Loss does not apply to boats that are unseaworthy. Unseaworthy includes boats left unattended (abandoned), neglected, not reasonably fit for intended use, lack of reasonable state of repair to maintain the boat against loss or damage from ordinary weather conditions. The loss must be a direct and sudden event. Please see policy terms and conditions.