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Houseboating, what a grand lifestyle. The vast inland waterways of the United States offer all houseboaters an excellent resource. United Marine Underwriters is a specialty insurer and has insurance programs specific for your houseboat insurance needs.

Our top A rated houseboat insurance companies offer absolute security, broad coverage and competitive insurance premiums. United Marine Underwriters can provide the houseboat owner with a complete package of insurance coverage and the ability to tailor the benefits, resulting in the best houseboat insurance programs.

We also have programs for all your other watercraft including ski boats, bass boats and personal watercraft. So whether you are sitting in the cove enjoying the sunset or out water skiing, United Marine Underwrites houseboat insurance programs have you covered.

From our website you will be able to get an Instant Quote or a Guaranteed Quote for houseboat insurance that will make obtaining insurance coverage for your houseboat a fast and easy experience.

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As a marine industry leader, United Marine Underwriters has been providing quality and competitive insurance services to houseboaters across the nation since 1990. You can get a houseboat insurance quote for your houseboat on your screen in 90 seconds.

We are an insurance agency not an insurance company — this puts you at an advantage when comparing houseboat insurance quotes. Benefits that we offer include obtaining multiple houseboat insurance quotes as well as individualized customer service. Our agents’ sole purpose is to help you find your best possible houseboat insurance quote.

Questions About Houseboat Insurance?

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